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Is your relationship suffering? Are you or your partner having problems communicating? Are there feelings of mounting anger or frustrations? Are you just going through the motions in your relationship and feeling disconnected? Have you been betrayed? Do you feel seen and not heard? Are you stressed out and overwhelmed? Out of balance, with a lack of focus and direction- feeling like you just CAN'T take it anymore?


Let's turn I CAN'T into I CAN!


Are we a good fit?  I work with people that WANT to get their relationship and/or their life on track. That is WILLING and open-minded to do so. READY to do the work. ABLE to commit to working with me, your coach, for the next several months (or more). In order to get you the tools you need in getting yourself and/or your relationship on a path to success. You do your part and I'll do mine. It's a partnership. If this is not you at this time, we might not be a good fit. If it is... you are in the right place!


Whether you're here for recovery or lifestyle changes, I CAN help. As a Life and Relationship Coach & NYS Board Certified Addiction Recovery Specialist, I've helped children, teens, and adults to cope with many issues and concerns. Such as Covid, triggers, stress, being at a crossroads, change of career, business opportunities, peer issues, and friendships. To work through complex family issues, relationships, marriage, separation, or divorce. To work on positivity, to move away from negative self-talk, and modifying behaviors. I've helped those wrangling with addiction or working on recovery, maintenance & more.


I have years of personal experience, mixed with professional training and education. I am a COACH. I am not a therapist. I focus on the present and the future. A therapist primarily focuses on the past. However, we will use your history to help motivate and propel you toward your present and future goals.


​I help people to tap into their inner strengths and to focus on the positives. I help them to look at their decision-making process and their behavior and to see where or if a change should be made. To get aligned with their true selves and get a better direction in their lives. Together, we'll identify your wants & needs. Then clarify and create a realistic & achievable plan of action to work towards goals. Talk through any challenges. Break down barriers. Reinforce accountability. I'll help you get the tools you need & guide you along your journey of personal transformation, self-discovery, recovery, and success!


Seeking recovery, in recovery, or cutting back? I come from the place of doing no harm. It's not about "all or nothing"- all the time. LESS IS MORE. For some, just cutting back on a substance, and making positive adjustments/changes in attitude/behavior can be enough and is a start! I meet you where you are at. You are in recovery when you say you are in recovery- there is a lot to unpack in that statement! Everyone's recovery is unique and everyone seems to have an opinion about it. Often, that opinion can make you feel so bad, it could spiral you toward a lapse or worse, a relapse. YES- there IS a HUGE difference! (lapse Vs relapse- we can discuss it). Actually, I should say RECURRENCE. All aspects of your life were/are affected by drinking and/or drugs, and they all matter when you quit. There are many pathways to recovery. Even a "S.M.A.R.T". way. Prefer AA, NA, or NO "A". If it's an "A" then Okay! Did you know there is a step ZERO?! there is! Ask me about it...(or your sponsor). ​We will work together to find a plan that is right for YOU. This is YOUR plan for YOUR recovery. Not someone else's idea of it. You are in control. I can't emphasize that enough. No one can want your recovery more than you do.


Looking for clarity? Has your house become your place of home, work, and school? Are you the mom, the dad, AND/or, also the teacher? Are you working IN your business instead of on it? Spending too much time with the kids and not enough time for you? Have your friendships or relationships suffered? Have you become socially anxious? Has Covid and politics got you stressed? Whew! You need a Coach!


There are several methods of coaching. I prefer an open and "free-style" coaching approach. (In "clinical" terms, this would be a mix of Strength-based, Person-Centered, Motivational Interviewing, Mirroring, and/or Solution Focused techniques). I believe everyone has their answers within them. I am here to help you to unravel your thoughts & organize them. So LIVE life, don't just survive it! Say; “YES, I CAN!” It's time for action! Take that step. Be willing. You can do it!


Let's chat. I want to hear what you have to say. ​All communications are confidential. The sessions are casual and relaxed. They are virtual Telehealth by phone, Zoom, or Google.


​I look forward to cheering you on soon!


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