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My Story

I'm Francesca.  I am a Life coach and specialize in Addiction Recovery. I have my BA in Behavioral Science. I'm also a small business owner, parent, and entrepreneur.

I make recovery, and health & wellness a priority in my life. I have not always. This does not mean I do it perfectly. Just means I try real hard TO DO IT. ;) I am a work in progress.


This page is dedicated to any that struggle with addiction and those in recovery. I won't go into all my details. However, I will share a little bit. I do so freely, openly, and without shame or worry about judgment. For any that do shame or judge me for this- that is on you. I know my truth. I know where I was, and who I was. I know where I am, and where I come from. I know who I am, and where I am headed today. There is only one judge... and you are not He.


I want you to see and know I am real. I know the struggle.  I have been there. I wear many hats in my daily life. In my journey, I have found my purpose. I am a Life coach and specialize in Addiction Recovery BECAUSE, once upon a time, I totally torched my life. You name it, I did it. A divorce, the kids, major life crisis, change of life, cancer, remission, addiction, grief and loss, my business, the whole 9! WAY back then, I felt inadequate and helpless. I viewed my life from the outside. I felt seen and not heard. Alone in a crowd of 100. Can anyone relate? I was unsure where my path was leading me. I really lost my head.


I could not trust myself any longer. I had this empty feeling inside of me that was indescribable. My world imploded and I lost my way. I was the rock in my family. No one saw this coming. I told no one my feelings. No one knew I felt like this. Until I shattered and broke. I spiraled and made VERY poor decisions that resulted in major consequences. I lost complete control of my life. I hit MULTIPLE bottoms. I did not ever think I would find my way out. Honest truth. I had such despair. It was a long, black period of my life. I did not have the tools I needed to get through the trauma and drama of it all. It took years to get back on my feet. I tried SO many programs. I just could not get it. Talk about a hot mess?! Then it happened. A miracle! Fast forward. I got out. I found a way. Got back on my feet. 

Over the years, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, I've learned how to LIVE life, not just survive it. I caused a lot of damage and destruction in my past. Though gratefully, I made many amends and I have since rebuilt all of that (and more). I learned tools. I took action. I changed my behavior. I transformed my life. I am in a better place than even before I went into active addiction. I have done a lot of work on myself. Formed an amazing support system. I am still a work in progress. I am stronger for all of it. Including my relationships. 


It has since been my joy, passion, and purpose to help others find their way. There really is light from out of the darkness. You can rise from the ashes too. Now, I can show you how. 

~Yesterday's the past, tomorrow's the future, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present.

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